Sunday, August 27, 2006

Getting My Mind Blown

Every now and then, while watching some sort of educational made for tv content, the insides of my head are completely blown to oblivion. my world is turned upside down, and my previous notions of reality are fucked. This first happened while watching the PBS special "The Elegant Universe." It happened again yesterday while watching BBC's "Blue Planet," THE DEEP segment. The Blue Planet is something Audrey, Jess and Dan have been obsessed with, but yesterday was Rolando, Mark, and my first experience. I'm pretty sure their minds were equally blown.

Here are some excerpts and FUN AND INTERESTING FACTS from the website:

1. Below 1,000 metres you enter the dark zone and an alien world. In a world where RED LIGHT DOES NOT EXIST!!!!, dark red jellyfish and shrimps float by, confident that they are almost completely invisible.

2. The only light here is produced by the animals themselves through BIOLUMINESCENCE.

3. Female angler fish use their lures to hook a male. Just one tenth the size of their partner, a male completely fuses itself on to the female's body, becoming little more than an attached bag of sperm (FOR LIFE!!)

4. In just a few places, along volcanic ridge lines, animals survive off energy produced by hot vents - totally without energy from the sun. Since their original discovery in 1979, a NEW SPECIES has been described EVERY 10 DAYS!!!

This is a real fish. OMG.

Ths Scientists call this guy "Dumbo."

Craziness, right? And the whole time they were talking about these crazy creatures and all the sea urchins that crawl along the ocean floor, 4000 meters below, i kept thinking "mmmm, i'll bet they's make for some good sushi. mmmm...uniiiii."

Jackie likes my idea.

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i love the octo-jukebox