Friday, August 18, 2006

Alvarado House Annual Pig Roast

Last Saturday I experienced my 3rd Alvarado house PIG ROAST, complete with fully roasted pig and all. As always, eating, drinking, music playing and dancing were the cornerstones of the night. As an added bonus, a few of Rolando's high school friends got BUTT naked. One of them didn't have pubic hair, and I have got to say that that was one of the more disturbing sights I have seen in my 23 years.

Dan took lots of party photos with his uber duber camera profesional:

Here is Trontle trying to get some milk out of his nipples, because he was thirsty after the vegan brownies he indulged in.

Jesse and I are just lounging around.

Graham looking very cool.

Annie looking very pretty and blue.

Eliza looking berry seXXXy.

Dan had a momentary lapse in sanity. He got in trouble -with RON!

Jess had a bad taste in her mouth. That's cause she just vommed all the cup'a'cup that she had inhaled.

We are trying to look sassy.


ANNIE said...

fabulous blog. you must have had an excellent sensei.

tront said...

now this is what i'm takling about. you cook me food and someone else teaches you the html. let's do that again soon. FYI, it's not milk that comes out, it's Odwalla

Jeffrey Max said...

Trent already does the "This is What I Did Over the Weekend" blog, which is a fine type of blog, but since you guys are basically doing the same things with the same people... I'm going to have to call redundancy on your new style. I hate to be the "hater" here or whatever I "am" or whatever my blog "is" or WHATEVER FUCKOS VATOS, but give me a new angle, you know? WHAT'S THE HOOK?

Isadora said...

duh jeffrey, mine is the food angle. i just have to get to establishing it first, okay? give it some time. it'll come.

dan.stein said...