Saturday, February 18, 2006

Revelation # 498

TodaY I had several conversations with people that kind of served as a foolllow up to that last blof i wrote. i think my point to make is that what is missin g from my/our/the generation today is a true feeling of emphatic connection. music/movies/art, whathaveyou, is so much catered to a superficial level of appreciation, that most of it today misses that one link that matters- the abilty to make someone, completley foreign and unaware of it, connect to the piece. for example, i was talking with lucifer about why egon schiele was so amazing. we realized it was because there was that depth, that R A W emotion, that we were able to connect to , on som inexplicable level, really FEEL. that strength in ffeeling is so much missing in what is produced these days, and testifies to why our generation is turning into such a WASTELAND of the T.S. eliot cvariety.

on another note, on my way home from the bar, eliza and ihad a VERY genuine connection with our driver. we talked about why chinese boys were like chinese girls, and how latinas son muy fuerrrte en nueva york. THAT was a real human connection, never mind the state of intoxication involved. that was REAL and that was HONESt, and that is what most of us crave. that is why the music we are listening, and the movies we are seeing, are not wholly fulkfilling...their void is their sincerity and honesty, their RAWNESS iffff you will.

otra cosa...hoy dia el secretario de defenso DONALD RUMSFELD (aka THE axis of evil) hablo en el Council. it was MUUUUY scary, and i will have to elaborate more, mas tarde.

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