Thursday, February 16, 2006

I drowned in my own self-absorption

So one of the reasons I have always been so disdainful of/violently opposed to blogs is because it provides a massive outlet for the shameless self-absorption our generation exudes. Yet, being as much a part of this joke of a generation as i am, i can't deny my own pitiful state of utter self-absorption. so, acknowledging that reality is how i unwittingly (or completely purposefully) ended up here. completely depleted of soul, portioned and sold to all the blog gods, the i-devils, razr phn demons and myspace megolomaniacs of the world. pity me.

on that note, i:
1. have HIGH cholesterol (proof that my presidency of the fat kid's club is fully justified)
2. am going to relive my childhood via skiing this weekend in the poconos
3. am going to start a musical troupe
4. think g-chatting is just fabulous.
5. have a new favorite song - "cheney's got a gun"

ok, that is all. as the gays say in union square, "gmail me!"


Jeffrey Max said...

Man, you sound like a total fag. Just shut up and blog and stop acting like you're sorry that you blog. Don't you get it? Society is changing. It's not about self-absorbtion. It's about different modes of communication.

Also, I'm gonna shred you so hard on the mountain until you forget what your name is. You'll be like, "Who am I? Janice? Is my name Janice?"

Isadora said...

oh man jeffrey you sound just like donald rumsfeld. unapologetic for all your sins and ALL.