Friday, January 05, 2007

Holiday Eating Wrap-Up

SO it's 8 o'clock right now, and I'm still at work trying to get shit done. Actually, I'm sitting at my desk thinking about how I still need to pack for my trip to Argentina, which I leave for tonight at 3:00 a.m., and I suddenly realize that I haven't shared my holiday eating adventure with everyone. What shame! Here are some highlights:

CHRISTMAS DAY: Chinatown meandering with Mom and Hans

We had some Shanghainese dim sum at the place next to the gigantic Cantonese dim sum place in Chinatown (there was a private party)

Taro cake

Hans enjoys some delicious Oil Sticks - Chinese churros, really

Some real Chinatown kids, unlike us fake suburban Chinese!

Egg tarts from "Egg Tart King"

You know, Christmas used to be such a novelty, funny cause no one in my whole extended family was Christian (though my grandfather was Muslim, and so is my uncle). Now all the sudden there's at least 3 - 4 of them! Someone explain that one to me.

Aunt # 4, #5, and #1 (L-R)

Simmering whole fish in garlic. Mouthwatering.

Beef sauteed with dried tofu, peppers, and scallions

A Taiwanese dish - tofu skin wrapped around taro and chicken liver. People in Taiwan used to make this dish out of leftovers when guests came over unannounced. Trick them into thinking it's fresh!

Pig's feet. Yes, pig's feet.


Some kind of fresh special shrimp that melted in your mouth. This was my favorite of the night.

Crab with Sticky Rice.

Tofu with Crab meat.

Red Bean yum yum cake

Tiramisu Cake

Uncle #5 made Chinese soy dessert. It's kind of like silky sweet tofu-pudding.


Cyrena's vegan ginger cookies.

There were a ton more dishes...

Thanks Aunt #4!!


Annie said...

many questions
1- do you really call your aunts and uncles numbers and not their names?
2- do you eat the pig's feet?
3- are the pig's feet good?
4- do you eat the crab eyes? are they good?
5- how is argentina?
6- what has hans been up to?

Jeffrey Max said...

Annie, Izzy has authorized me to answer these questions while she is away.

1. Yes. They get it. It's like an affectionate inside joke so it's okay.

2. Yes. Why would we cook something and not eat it? That's wasteful.

3. Not really. There really isn't much meat on a foot. Have you ever looked at your own foot? There isn't much meat on it.

4a. No.
4b. N/A

5. Argentina is great!

6. Hans is my brother!

Isadora said...

aww, i miss you guys.