Saturday, April 24, 2010

Remember when

I lived in San Francisco? It was nice. I ate a lot a lot a lot of food. I did some fun work stuff. I was often very very cold.

I basically had three friends: Jackie, Alex, and Greg, and I hung out with them a lot. Once Matt came to visit with his brother Jeremy, and we had a big brunch with my roommates (two very cool dudes, Neil and Zach) and their friends. We had it in our backyard, where there was a very fruitful tangerine tree, fresh lavender, mint, and lots of other California goodness.

Matt, Greg and Jackie

It was all West Coast sun and fun times and whatnot.

I basically got to have fresh cut favorite flowers for almost all of the summer!!

We had these avocados. Man. oh. Man.

And these tomatoes.

But the star of the show to me was definitely these slow-cooked eggs that Alex made. He and I both prefer our scrambled eggs cooked very slowly, but he goes to a whole other level. His Eggs are almost soup-like, and they are AMAZING. Seriously, you've never had anything like it.

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