Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Momofuku, I te amo you

By now, most everyone has heard of Momofuku. This little east village asian-fusion noodle bar was hailed as one of the best new restaurants of last year, and has gotten rave reviews from practically everyone. But you know, I really don’t give a cat’s ass about buzz. What finally pushed me to try those much-hyped Berkshire pork buns for myself was a story in New York Magazine. The article tells of how chef and owner David Chang reacted when a bitchy East Village lady (yes, you know the type) threatened to sue him after she discovered that a broth she had consumed was not *GASP* vegetarian. He did what any other rational chap would do, and added meat to every item on the menu except one - the ginger scallion noodles. Vindictive? Perhaps. Heartless? Heavens no! Hearing Chang (who hereon in shall be referred to exclusively as ”my hero”) explain his actions - “I guess I just don’t like being told what to do.” – sparked an epiphany of self-awareness and rekindled my own longtime life motto - idowhatiwant. I was thus compelled to visit the mecca of my spiritual awakening.

Telling this story a million times over to anyone who would listen probably wouldn’t be worth deeply offending my vegetarian loved ones again and again if the food weren’t actually good. Happily, it is such that I feel perfectly justified to offend freely and liberally. Here are my favorites so far:


Take a look at these beauties! There is something almost heretical about just how good my hero's take on a very simple Chinese snack is. I'm hesitant to describe to my grandmother just how sweetly the homemade pickes complement the ridiculously succulent yet crispy slab of fatty pork for fear of sounding insolent.

with kimchee puree and bacon

Brussel sprouts and skiing are two things that make winter worthwhile to me, and though I normally snicker at the idea of Asian fusion, this dish made winter just that much better, even if it was a tad too salty for my tastes.

with Berkshire pork combo and poached egg.

My mother says the Japanese like to use these types of Chinese noodles for their ramen. She also says that the Japanese race originated from a boat carrying 500 women and men each, sent over from China by the emperor to hunt for the fountain of youth. I'm inclined to believe her on both counts.

The prettiest beer ever.


He is a great server and indulges all my ridiculous questions and picture-taking.

Jesse's facial manifestation of the offense I render...

...but Darius intervenes as peacemaker. SHALOM MOMOFUKU!


tront said...

You guys should start a vindictive, sneaky, fat kids' club

Isadora said...

gawd, i wish!

annie said...

remember when we drank that owl beer at the art parade and you tried to break into that soho guys apt because he tried to pour water on us because we were drinking that owl beer on the stoop. anyway, maybe the owl beer rekidles "idowhatiwant."

Isadora said...

oh man, i almost forgot about that. that's why the owl beer was so familiar. yes, it must have contributed to rekindling the idowhatiwant mantra.

Sharon said...

great photos, great review! Made me laugh, too.

mike said...

Momofuku is totally awesome. have you been to the ssam bar on 2nd ave? its like korean burritos that you will love.

did you notice how good the music was ?

your blog is STILL my favorite

Isadora said...

and mike - you are still my favorite. let's go to ssam bar together!

Sonia said...

Mike is right. Ssam is off the hook. Seriously, I have dreams where I'm biting into one of their korean burritos. jesus. I'm drooling as I type. Go and write up about it. I'm curious what you think.

Isadora said...

SSAM bar it is! onward ho i will venture, dutifully like a pet homing pigeon. maybe my hero will be there and i can properly propose with a ring of lard.

Isadora said...

lard from berkshire pork, that is. mmmm...lard.